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Local Scholarships

Seniors log into your google classroom for up to date scholarship opportunities!

2023-2024 School Year

The Future Texas Teachers Scholarship

FFA Scholarship DUE JANUARY 11th

Texas Farm Credit DUE JANUARY 15th

ESA Foundation Scholarship DUE FEBRUARY 1st

TRWA Scholarship DUE FEBRUARY 5th

Glaser Family Scholarship DUE FEBRUARY 28th

Bryan Deupree Foundation Scholarship DUE MARCH 5th

Dr. Joanne Olivard Educational Foundation Scholarship DUE MARCH 10 (See Mrs. Maidens for application)

Big Country Scholarship DUE MARCH 15th

Hadley Workman Memorial Scholarship DUE MARCH 20th

Fannin County Electric Co-op DUE MARCH 28th

County and District Clerks' of Region VI Scholarship DUE APRIL 1

Mary Lou Kissinger Scholarship DUE APRIL 5th

David Norris Memorial Scholarship DUE APRIL 15th

The Michael McGill Memorial Scholarship  DUE APRIL 15th

Chi Lambda Scholarship DUE APRIL 15th

Sam Rayburn PD Scholarship DUE APRIL 23rd

Ellie Clare Corwin Memorial Scholarship DUE APRIL 26th

Verne Cooper Foundation Scholarship DUE APRIL 26th

Fannin Federal Credit Union Scholarship DUE APRIL 26th

Fannin Baptist Association Scholarship Application DUE APRIL 30th 

Casey Reed Scholarship DUE MAY 3rd

JT Red Woodson Scholarship DUE MAY 3rd

Sam Rayburn PTO Scholarship DUE MAY 3rd (Turn into Mrs. Maidens)

Rusell Memorial Scholarship DUE MAY 13th

Ginny Baker Memorial Scholarship DUE MAY 15th

Sam Rayburn Youth Sports Association Scholarship DUE MAY 17th 

Grayson College Donors Scholarships 

Southeastern Oklahoma State Scholarships

Kids Chance of Texas Scholarship

Hagan Scholarship 

**more to open soon for 2024**


2022-2023 School Year

Glaser Foundation Due 02/28

Bryan Deupree Foundation Due 03/05

Grayson College Scholarship Due 03/31

Fannin County Electric Co-op! $1500 Due 03/31

$1000 Northeast Texas Scholarship! Due 04/01

SRHS PD Scholarship Due 04/01

Michael McGill Memorial Scholarship Due 04/14

Chi Lambda Scholarship Application Due 04/14

Mary Lou Kissinger Scholarship $500 Due 04/15

Texoma Blood Drive Due 04/22

Verne Cooper Due 04/28

Fannin County Fair Scholarship!!  Due 04/28

Beta Booster Scholarship Due 05/05

Amanda Mauppin Scholarship Due 05/05

Casey Reed Scholarship Due 05/03

JT Red Woodson Scholarship Due 05/05

Phyllis Russel Memorial Scholarship Due 05/12

Ginny Baker Memorial Scholarship Due 05/12 @12PM 

Sam Rayburn Foundation Scholarship Contest -Dulaney Due 05/19